is the summer finally coming?

A warm and sunny day today. It was actually too hot in the greenhouse. I put some of my tomatoes outside for the day. This is a first.

I went to the allotment site and prepared several beds planting also some beetroot, turnip and some pak choi seedlings.

Nothing is really growing yet except the rhubarb.  There were some mustard seedlings showing, some of the onions had shoots and a few broad beans managed to emerge from the soil.

I still have way too many tomatoe plants inside for the time being during the night. Tomorrow could be warm enough for a first night out. They predict a night of 10 degrees.



3rd year is a charm


This is the third year growing tomatoes. It has grown somewhat out of hand. It went from a handful of plants in the first year to over 100 seedlings this year.

I’m about 3 weeks ahead of schedule compared to last year. The first tomatoes have been flowering already for a week now (bananalegs and “sunrise”). ┬áHaving a greenhouse this year made a big difference and I also started earlier.

It’s still too cold at night for the tomatoes to stay out. Last night it was 5 degrees centigrade in the greenhouse.


growing tomatoes in the north